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Portugal Arte, Cultura e Lazer

"The Portuguese people are essentially cosmopolitan. Never a true Portuguese was Portuguese: he was always everything."
Fernando Pessoa
The cultural wealth of a people is the mirror of its identity and, with a history marked by triumphs, Portugal has managed to maintain a well-creased individuality.
Imposing monuments extend throughout the country, with 15 sites recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is mandatory to visit some historical villages like Óbidos or Monsaraz, follow the wine route along the Douro River and unravel the mysteries that are hidden in the town of Sintra. Lovers of surfing and other activities related to the sea will find a wide and inviting coastline.
Abroad, Portugal has some important symbols: football, with ambassadors Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho, the gastronomic wealth, with wine and olive oil to impress the most demanding and fado (Intangible Heritage of UNESCO since 2011) which Amália took to its peak.
But not only of tradition and history lives Portugal. The main cities, Lisbon and Porto, are much sought after for its cosmopolitanism, excellent restaurants, the active night life and the bubbling cultural life. Every day there are concerts, shows and exhibitions available, both in major museums and in small art galleries. Festivals and events related to all areas of the Arts help make up an eclectic and relevant programming.
For the more adventurous artists, there are residential programs aimed at designers, and an inspiring country awaits you.


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