National Support Centre for Migrants Integration (CNAIM Oporto

O Centro Nacional de Apoio à Integração de Migrantes (CNAIM) Norte foi criado em 2004. Continua a ser uma resposta de referência em matéria de apoio à integração de migrantes, disponibilizando um conjunto variado de serviços, tanto do ACM, como de outros organismos públicos. A concentração de respostas num mesmo espaço e articulação entre as mesmas é uma boa prática na promoção do contacto dos migrantes com os serviços públicos.
Here the institutions and support offices present in CNAIM Porto


The ACT (Authority for Working Conditions) is present in CNAI since its opening. The institution is currently receiving the reports of contracts entered into with foreign workers under the Labor Law.
The branch of the CRC (Central Registry Office), under the Ministry of Justice, is represented in CNAI Lisbon since December 2006, and in the CNAI Porto since December 2007.
This Office receives requests for nationality which, under Law No. 37/81 of 3 October, as amended and republished by the Organic Law 2/2006, of April 17, can be formulated.
In order to check the list of services to perform in every citizen’s space and the respective cost amounts, click here.
This Office operates under the Directorate for Schools, designed to provide information of various kinds, such as the placement of students in primary schools and secondary scholarships, among other matters.
Inside the CNAI, it is the responsibility of the secretariat to perform the "screening" of the Juvenile Register, made under Decree-Law No. 67/2004, of March 25, which provides access for undocumented children to pre-school and school education, as well as access to health care, in the same conditions of children in good standing.
Finally, this Office plays an important role release of some pending cases through mediation and establishing contacts with various schools.
The SEF department (Foreigners and Borders Service) present in CNAI Oporto currently deals with:
- Facilitate requests for family reunification when the family members are outside of the national territory (article 98 paragraph 1 of Law 23/2007.)
- Concession and Renewal of Citizens’ Residence Card of the European Union and their families (articles 15, 16 and 17 by the Law 37/2006);
The Porto District Central Office of ISS (Social Security Institute, PI) is present in CNAI in order to provide a personalized and efficient service to the immigrant.
In this service, the immigrant can deal with various issues:
  • Certificate of regularized contributory situation for the purpose of granting / renewal of residence permits, nationality or family reunification.
  • Statement of Exemption of Contributions – for Independent workers.
  • Issuance of monthly and annual compensation statement.
  • Subscriptions domestic workers, independent and general system service.
  • Beneficiary claim for contribution periods missing.
  • Family benefits, including Child and Pre-Natal Allowance, among others.
  • Sickness and maternity.
  • Unemployment.
  • Social Integration Income
  • Legal protection.
  • Payment of social security contributions by bank transfer upon submission of statement by the Bank with the name and account number of the applicant.
  • Change of address evidenced by a Certificate by the Parish Board or by receipts of rental / electricity / water payments with the name of the applicant.

Support Offices

The GAE (Office Employment Support), framed in the duties of hosting and integrating immigrant citizens, seeks to contribute to the reduction of barriers and facilitate equal opportunities in access to the labor market by GENAE (Office of Employment and Center for Entrepreneurship Support).
This CNAI service, present in Lisbon and Porto, is directed to immigrant citizens who are seeking employment or internships, and for that purpose it has a database of job vacancies, which result from direct contact of employers / recruiters with GAE and of the research in various organs of communication and dissemination.
The NAE (Center for Support to Entrepreneurship) is a service which tracks business initiatives, through information relating to a number of key points in the constitution of companies, claiming to also be an incentive for the creation of self-employment on the part of immigrant citizens, aiming at their professional achievement.
The GAS (Social Support Office) began its work with the opening of CNAI (National Centre for Immigrant Support), aiming to provide support to immigrant citizens who, for reasons of various kinds, are in a more vulnerable socio-economic situation, seeking to respond appropriately, according to the situation.
The GAS also collaborates also collaborates with IOM (International Organization for Migration), under the voluntary return and reintegration through the ARVoRe VI programme. This programme aims to support – in a humane, dignified, and sustainable way – migrants in a vulnerable situation living in Portugal, who wish to return to their country of origin, but do not have the necessary means to afford the journey. The Programme is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).
Information and monitoring processes to regularly reunite relatives in Portugal 
Support on Legalization, Nationality, Labour Law, Social Security, Minors, Access to Justice

Support Services

Children Corner

Contacts and Location

Line SOS Immigrant

808 257 257 (calls from landline)

21 810 61 91 (calls from mobile phone and from abroad)

Av. de França, 316
Edifício Capitólio
4050-276 Porto

Tel: 22 207 38 10
Fax: 22 207 38 17

Email address:

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Remark: Due to the high number of Center users, there may be a limit of tokens for certain services.

Metro: "Casa da Música" station


Migrant Support Line

This hotline is working from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. Get more information here.

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