How to apply for recognition in the capacity of Immigrants Association?

The recognition of representativeness is assigned by the High Commission for Migration, associations of immigrants requesting which demonstrate gather the necessary requirements. Associations must submit the application to the High Commission for Migrations.
The recognition of representativeness is assigned by the High Commission for Migration, in accordance with Article 5 of Law No. 115 of August 3, immigrant associations who so request and who demonstrate cumulatively to meet the following requirements:
a) have published statutes;
b) have regularly elected governing bodies;
c) have registration in the National Register of Collective Persons;
d) include in your purpose or company name to promote the rights and interests of immigrants;
e) develop activities that demonstrate a real promotion of the rights and interests of immigrants.
The recognition of representativeness is preceded by the opinion of the Council for Migration (CM).
>In addition to the above requirements, and according to the recommendations of the CM, the associations must be at least two years of formal existence.
The order acknowledgment is made with the delivery of an application (see template attached) addressed to the High Commission for Migration, accompanied by the following documents:
a) A copy of the statutes and the respective extract published in the Official Gazette. If the association has been registered through the "Instant Association" send the printed page from the site where the publication was made. (Site: "the articles of incorporation and the articles of association are published for free on the website" should access and start the query from a. Site "Look and Find More Publications");
b) copy of the minutes of election of the corporate bodies in office;
c) Copy of legal person identification card;
d) Activity Report for the last fiscal year and respective minutes of approval in the General Assembly;
e) the annual plan of activities and respective minutes of approval in the General Assembly;
f) A brief history of the association, through which one can see: the motivations that led to the creation of the association; the main objectives for which the association guides its activities; the target audience, their main needs and the extent to which the association believes that the activities contribute to the promotion of the specific rights and interests of immigrants and ensure their integration process of these; the main activities; established partnerships; human resources association (if there are volunteers, how many and in which activities provide support, the extent to which corporate bodies and other members participating in the preparation and execution of activities, etc.); the financial resources that support the association (the amount of income from shares, donations, other contributions);
g) Physical evidence of carrying out the activities (photographs, leaflets, posters ...);
h) Evidence of local recognition by other institutions (public and / or private), eg: statements / letters of recommendation / copies of established protocols;
i) Declaration on the record the total number of members and the territorial scope of action (see draft hereto attached). Immigrant associations can be at a national, regional or local level, according to the minimum number of members, which will be respectively 1000, 500 and 100.
After the submission of the application, whenever change occurs, the associations must send the ACM, PI the corresponding documents to them in order to confirm the maintenance of the legal requirements for recognizing representativeness.
For questions and / or further information about the representation of the process of recognition awarded by ACM, PI immigrant associations, should contact GATAI.

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