In what consists the offer of professional training for young people?

The offer of professional training for these teenagers from age 15 and up consists in a wide range of courses of double certification (educational and vocational) that allows a greater suitability to the profile and motivation of each teenager.
There are flexible educational levels and adequate to the different situations and personal profiles, in the areas of:
  • Education and training
  • Vocational Courses
  • Learning Courses
  • Specialised Artistic Teaching
  • Technological Expertise
The Educational and Training Courses are an opportunity to conclude the compulsory education through a flexible journey and adapted to the interests of every trainee, or to go on with the studies or a training that allows a qualified entry in the working world.
In this sense, each course corresponds to an education/training stage, whose access is related to a level of academic and professional education already achieved. At the end of each step an academic and professional certification is obtained.

Entry requirements:

  • Age 15 or up;
  • School education inferior to 2nd  and 3rd degrees, secondary school or already finished secondary school;
  • No professional certification or interest in obtaining a professional certification of a level superior to the one he already has.
The Professional courses are one of the pathways of the secondary level of education, represented by a strong connection with the professional world.
Taking into account each personal profile, the learning of these courses prizes the development of skills for the practice of a job, in cooperation with the local business sector.
The Professional Courses can be the most important pathway in the following cases:
  • The 9th degree of scholarship or equivalent training is concluded;
  • When you look for a more practical learning and open to the world of work learning
  • When the chance is not excluded of, later, to go on with the studies.
The learning courses allow obtaining a school and Professional certification, facilitating the inclusion in the labour world, enhanced by a strong component of training in a enterprise, as well as the pursuing of superior level studies
These courses may be attended by teenagers who are under the following conditions:
  • Being aged between 14 and 24;
  • With the 9th degree of scholarship or superior concluded, without conclusion of the 12th degree.
The Specialised Artistic Teaching may subdivided into three fields:
  • Visual and Audiovisual Arts – pathway of second level, with the length of three school years.
  • Dance – Specialised Artistic Courses in the dance field have a basic and secondary level . Some schools offer also the learning at an initial level to the dance.
  • Music – The specialised Artistic Courses, at the Music field, have a basic and secondary level. The most of the public and private schools and cooperatives offer also the learning at musical beginning level.
These courses are intended for teenagers with the following characteristics:
  • Who have vocation in this area and look for a learning where they can develop their aptitudes or artistic talents;
  • Who want a training that allow them to practise a profession in this artistic branch;
  • Who aspire to have a training of a superior level in these fields.
The Technological Expertise Courses (TEC) are post-secondary  not superior trainings that prepare to a scientific  or technological specialization in a certain training area.
The Technological Expertise Courses (TEC) are adequate for:
  • Holders of a secondary school course or legally equivalent qualification;
  • Holders of level 4 of qualification of the National Qualifications Framework;
  • Teenagers with approval in every subject of the 10th and 11th degrees, with registration in the 12th degree of a course of secondary school, or legally equivalent qualification, without being still concluded.
  • Holders of a technological expertise diploma or of a degree or higher education diploma, who long for a professional improvement.

Source: Ministry of Education and Science

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