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Porugal Ensino, Investigação e Investimento

Despite a limited geographical size and the strong impact of the international economic crisis, Portugal has been able to reinvent itself. To unemployment, the Portuguese respond with the creation of their own business.

Government strategic programs are betting on highly qualified human capital and supporting entrepreneurship.

There are about 90 incubators of new enterprises distributed across the country and the State has support services assigned to this universe of initiatives, as well as tax incentives (including 0% of Corporate Tax for Start-Ups at least during the first three years of business).

Many are surprised when they learn the indicators for innovation and technology in Portugal, but is certainly a source of pride.

The latest study by the World Economic Forum shows that Portugal occupies the 5th place in the speed of starting a business and the 10th in the ease of the procedures necessary to do so. The same study puts Portugal in 2nd place in the quality of road infrastructure, in 11th place on the availability of the most advanced technologies in 8th in the availability of scientists and engineers and still 4th in the quality of business schools. That concerns a universe that covers 144 countries!

Higher education in Portugal occupies the 22nd place in a study by the international network “Universitas 21”. One of the differentiating factors relates specifically to international connectivity. Portugal is the 9th most popular country in the European exchange program Erasmus, for example.

Support for scientific research, particularly through the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) aims to make Portugal an international benchmark in science, technology and innovation.


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