National Roma Communities Integration Strategy Support Fund (FAPE)

National Roma Communities Integration Strategy Support Fund (FAPE) aims to finance projects to combat discrimination of Roma communities and support their integration.
In the scope of the National Roma Communities Integration Strategy (ENICC), the High Commissioner for the Migrations I.P. (ACM I.P.) released the January 30, 2015, with the publication of its rules and their annexes, the National Roma Communities Integration Strategy Support Fund (FAPE) for the year 2015, which defines access to financial support, granted the experimental nature and innovative projects in the field of promotion and combating discrimination of Roma communities.
The ENICC, which gave origin to FAPE, appears following the awareness, by the Portuguese government, of the need to promote the integration of roma communities, and was approved, in 2013, in the Council of Ministers Resolution 25/2013, of 27th of March.
The National Strategy appears, in this context, as a platform to develop a broad and articulated intervention, where the several ministries, municipals, organization of the civil society, Roma academy and communities, among others, contribute actively to the accomplishment of the underlined goals.
The projects/initiatives to present must cover the Roma communities in the national territory and must be implemented in all this zone through a partnership that should be made, at least, by a financial entity or non-financial and a representative group of the local Roma communities, which should participate in all the stages of the project.
The projects concerned, which shall have a duration of not more than 9 months, starting the April 1, 2015 and end to December 31, 2015, should focus also on public opinion awareness, training in citizenship and encouraging participation of Roma communities, while exercise of citizenship, framed in the following types of intervention:
  1. Training/awareness-raising actions to combat discrimination of Roma communities and to promote intercultural dialogue between them and the majority society.
  2. Training actions focused on the development of citizenship skills and community participation.  
  3. Training actions promoting associativism.
  4. Actions/initiatives for the promotion of economic and entrepreneurial activities.

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