What should I do to find work and what support services do I have at my disposal?

The search for a new professional opportunity includes, first of all, to know yourself, your skills and interests, and meet the labor market, specifically which jobs have the most vacancies and the main requirements of employers. The High Commission for Migration (ACM) provides various services that can support its objective to seek employment.
The ACM provides various services that can support your objective to seek employment.
The Employment Support Office (GAE), existing in the National Immigrant Support Centers (CNAI), in Lisbon and Porto, directs its action to citizens who are seeking employment or internship, supporting the preparation of their CV and as the active search for work and internships, offering for this purpose, a database of job vacancies, which result from direct contact with employers / recruiters and research in various organs of communication and dissemination.
For those interested in creating their own businesses, GAE created the Center for Support to Entrepreneurship (NAE), which provides a specialized service that refers the customer after an initial diagnosis to the new Office for Support to Entrepreneurship Migrants (MRG), to run at the CNAI facilities.
Despite the fact that the job search should be adapted to the specific characteristics of the various activity sectors, it is essential to:
  • Write your CV;
  • Reply to job advertisements;
  • Perform spontaneous applications;
  • Subscribe online to the Portal of the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) or in person at the employment office nearest to you (https://www.iefp.pt/);
  • Subscribing to employment support offices (GAE, GIP - Professional Integration Offices (GIP) - see GIP network, associations / local institutions with specialist support in this area (see Offices Local Immigrant Support (CLAII) and Support Office specialized Immigrant (GAEI);
  • Contact the network of relationships (family, friends, former colleagues and employers) and collaborate in projects aimed at increasing the network of relationships such as the GEPE - Job Search Specialized Offices
The CV, or resume, is your professional presentation and should contain your personal contacts and relevant information related to your vocational and academic training and education, professional experiences and other skills, such as fluency in languages, for example.
There are no strict rules regarding the preparation of the curriculum and the correct format to use. It should, however, be honest, well-organized, highlighting the most relevant information and your strengths, have good presentation and no spelling or grammar errors.
There are different examples that may be adapted in the way that is most favorable to you.
Some of the most common models are the Chronological Resume (organizing work experience by dates), the Functional Resume (organizing work experience activities by blocks or similar functions) or the Europass CV (https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/pt/documents/curriculum-vitae)
To enroll, you must:
  • Have the capacity and be available for work;
  • Have a minimum working age (16 years) and have completed minimum compulsory education;
  • Have one of the updated identification documents:
  • Identity card or citizen card + beneficiary of social security card + tax identity card – if you are a national citizen;
  • Foreign national identity card or passport - if you are a citizen of a country in the European Economic Area;
  • Instrument permitting their stay in Portugal and provides access to employment - if you are a citizen of a country outside the European Economic Area


  • Employment contract is that by which a person undertakes, against payment, to pay their intellectual or manual activity to another person under the authority and direction of them.
  • There are different types of employment contract: employment contract for an indefinite period (permanent or indefinite) and labor contract for a limited time (certain or uncertain).
  • The employment contracts of indefinite duration are considered generally as the employment of workers.
  • The employment contract resolute term generally understood to satisfy temporary needs of the company, such as replacing other workers or exceptional increase of business activity, or to implement employment policies (such as hiring long-term unemployed or people looking for their first job) and the launch of new businesses or activities.
  • Provision of service contract is one in which one party undertakes to provide to the other particular product of his intellectual or manual work, with or without pay.
  • In this case, the employee is not in a situation of dependence or subordination, as in the employment contract regime. Here the employee is only obliged to provide to others the results of their work, it belongs to freedom to form and adopt the strategies it deems necessary for the pursuit of it.
Yes. See the Office for Support to Migrant Entrepreneurs

Source: Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security

Linha de Apoio a Migrantes
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Nota: Devido ao número de utentes do Centro pode haver limitações de senhas para determinados serviços.

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