Portuguese for All (PPT) in the internet

The ACM, P.I. developed a Platform of Pedagogic Resources PPT, an electronic platform for teaching the portuguese language to foreigners, that is based upon the contents of the Referential “Portuguese For Natives of Other Languages– The independent user in the hosting country”. The access to the platform may be done through the page of ACM, PI at www.ACM.gov.pt or directly at http://ppt.ACM.gov.pt

This initiative has as a goal to make available digital pedagogic resources, as a complement of materials/ instruments already existent in teaching PFOL – Portuguese for Natives of Other Languages

It is an e-learning platform developed with the Moodle software to support the teaching of the Portuguese language to foreigners in the training room.

This new tool gathers a set of pedagogic resources that increase the interactivity between students and teachers, namely, texts, audios, videos and animations.

Similar to the referential it is organized by the following units:


  • Identification and Personal Description;  
  • Daily Life;
  • Food;
  • Events and Hobbies;
  • Shopping, Services and Directions;
  • The human body and Health;  
  • Professions and Work;
  • Studies and Professional Experience;  
  • Past and Present;
  • Eating habit;
  • News and Other Texts;
  • Citizenship and Cultural Diversity.


Alto Comissariado para as Migrações - ACM, IP
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