PPT Program – Portuguese for All

The PPT Program – Portuguese for All aims to make available to the immigrant population, and with no costs to the participants, Portuguese courses of certified, that will allow the access to nationality, permanent residence and/ or status of long run resident (level A2) and also courses of technical Portuguese for the sectors of retail, hospitality, beauty care, civil construction, that will boost a better access and integration in the work market.
You may find here information regarding PPT, a joint initiative between the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security and the Ministry of Education and Science.
The PPT is managed by the High Commission for Migration (ACM), as an Intermediary Body of the Operational Program Human Potential (POPH)/QREN), being the co-financing of the responsibility of the European Social Fund
Learning the language of the hosting country promotes the social and professional inclusion of the immigrants. The knowledge generates a greater equality of opportunities for all, ease up the citizenship exercise and increases enriching qualification to those that arrive and those that host.
  • The foreigner citizens/residents in Portugal, i.e., national of third countries, communitarian, refugees and asylum, Portuguese-descendants that do not speak Portuguese or that seek to deepening their knowledge;
  • The immigrant that does not speak Portuguese can enroll the Portuguese certified course, which will allow the access to nationality, authorization for permanent residence and/ or the statute of long run residence (level A2);
  • The immigrant that does already speak Portuguese may enroll the technical Portuguese certified course, which will allow a better access and integration in the work market in the areas of retail, hospitality, beauty care, civil construction and civil engineering.  
Places and Costs
The training courses are promoted by the Schools of the Ministry of Education and Centers of Professional Training of the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) and has no costs to the participants.
Consult the list of Schools and Centers of Professional Training that promote these courses here or through the Migrant Support Line Tel: 808257257 or +351 21 810 61 91 (from a mobile network).
PPT at the internet
The ACM, I.P. developed a Platform of Pedagogic Resources PPT, an electronic platform to teach the Portuguese language to foreigners, based on the contents of the Referential “Portuguese for Natives of Other Languages – The elementary user in the hosting country”.  
The access to the platform may be made through the page of ACM, I.P. at www.acm.gov.pt or directly at http://ppt.ACM.gov.pt
The courses of Portuguese language for foreign make part of the Portuguese for All Program (PPT) and are co-financed by the European Social Fund and is ruled by the Decrees nr. 1262/2009 of 15th October and nr. 216-B/2012 of 18th of June.
They are implemented by the General Direction of Schooling Facilities (DGESTE), through the schools of the public network and by the Institute of Work and Professional Training (IEFP, I.P.) through the training centers of direct management or protocols.


Further information
To obtain information in the School, in the Job Center and Professional Training about your area of residence, at the CNAI, at the CLAIM Network or at the Network GIP Immigrant.
The “Portuguese for All” is managed by ACM, I.P. – High Commission for Migration, an Intermediary Body of POPH/QREN. The co-financing is of the competence of the European Social Fund.

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Migrant Support Line

This hotline is working from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. Get more information here.

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