CLAIM Network - Local Centers to Support Immigrants’ Integration

Creating cultural and linguistic bridges with its customers is the central mission of the CLAIM network (Local Centers to Support Migrants’ Integration) and of the GAEI (Offices of Specialized Support to Immigrants), established in 2003 to facilitate the immigrant integration processes.

Mission of the CLAIM offices

The CLAIM offices’ mission is to go beyond the information, providing support during the whole process of reception and integration of immigrants, coordinating with the different local structures, and promoting interculturality at a local level.

These ACM services provide support and general information in several areas such as regulation, nationality, family reunification, housing, voluntary return, work, health, education, among other everyday issues.


Mission of the GAEI offices

The GAEI have the function of supporting migrants in different specialized areas in order to complement and solidify its integration process. There are specialized offices in different areas such as Legal, Social, Psychological, Health, Employment / Entrepreneurship, Conflict Mediation and other fields;


CLAIM and GAEI Network - an integrated service

Aiming to promote a close integration, CLAIM and GAEI result of different initiatives.

Some offices result from partnerships established between the High Commission for Migration, ACM, I.P. and local authorities and civil society, as well as recently integrated this network, firms that have resulted from civil society organizations projects, approved by ACM, I.P, in its new dimension as Delegated Authority of FEINPT - European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. All these offices, in cooperation, promote an integrated service.



In total, there are 127 offices, of general and specialized information distributed from north to south and islands, involving municipalities, the Regional Government of Madeira, civil society entities and higher education institutions. The service is personalized and has the support of skilled experts for this purpose, some of them also migrants.


Local Policy Support Office for the Integration of Migrants (GAPLIM)
Rua Álvaro Coutinho no. 14
1150-025 Lisbon
Telephone: +351 218 106 100

Manual for the Promotion of Interculturality and Proximity Integration

Migrant Support Line

This hotline is working from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. Get more information here.

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