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COVID-19: Domestic Violence – Security Measures During Isolation

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COVID-19: Domestic Violence – Security Measures During Isolation
At the beginning of March 2020, the XXII Government launched a coordinated contingency plan in order to prevent and combat domestic violence. Implemented to face the situation of social isolation imposed within the scope of the measures to respond the pandemic COVID-19, the plan was carried out in close articulation with the National Support Network for Victims of Domestic Violence. The intervention is based on two strategic dimensions:
. Strengthening of  the response capacity of the National Support Network for Victims of Domestic Violence;
. Dissemination of social awareness information regarding the increased risks of violence and the support services and channels available if help is needed: through partners and mechanisms that provide protection and safety for victims.
In this context, we highlight:
. the strengthening and diversifying of channels for victims to call for help:
     . the Information Service for Victims of Domestic Violence: 800 202 148. It is a free telephone line, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
     . the creation of the new email address, available for victims and professionals.
     . the creation of the new SMS 3060 Line, by the Vodafone Foundation, free and confidential, for victims to report in writing their requests for help.
. the launch on March 16 of the #SecurityInIsolation Campaign on social media, television, radio and the press. These materials are also available in several languages and in Portuguese sign language.
The information is available and updated on the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality’s Website.
Access and share the materials of the #SecurityInIsolation Campaign, for dissemination on social media:
Domestic violence is a public crime and reporting it is a collective responsibility.

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