Portugal has for long been a country of departures and arrivals. This vocation of ours has placed us on the lead of the best integration policies of those who chose Portugal to live in. However, the last decade has brought us new global challenges that migration holds. The mission of integrating immigrants added to the inclusion of new Portuguese citizens as well as to the connection and support for our non-residents Portuguese citizens. Providing migration services tailored to new profiles has been one of the largest projects of this new High Commission.
Therefore, the recently approved Strategic Plan for Migration (2015-2020) has set the foundation for a more comprehensive migration policy. A modern, broad spectrum and pro-active migration policy.

Migrations represent a huge opportunity that Portugal has been able to manage effectively. This management has been nationally and internationally acknowledged, being a reference in many areas for practices to replicate in different contexts. I invite you therefore to get to know the work of the High Commission for Migration and its numerous partners.

I also invite you to contribute, in your sphere of everyday actions, so that we can continue making Portugal a welcoming, tolerant and inclusive country.
Welcome to the website of the High Commission for Migration.

Pedro Calado