What is the «EU blue card» and to whom may be granted?

It is the title of residence that allows its holder live and perform, in the national territory, a subordinated activity highly qualified. This card may be granted, for effects of performing the subordinated activity highly qualified, to a national citizen of a third state that fulfils the necessary requirements.
  • Hold a valid visa of residence; 
  • Inexistence of any fact, known by the competent authorities, that should stop the visa concession;
  • Presence in the Portuguese territory;
  • Holds means of subsistence
  • Registration at the Social Security,
  • Absence of a condemnation for a crime that in Portugal is punished with prison penalty of a year or more of length;
  • Exhibits a work contract compatible with the performance of an activity highly qualified and with a length not lower than a year and that corresponds to an annual  payment of, at least, 1.5 times the national net salary or, in cases of professions particularly requiring national citizens of third countries of, at least, 1,2 times the national net salary;
  • Holds an health insurance or proves that is covered by the National Health Service (SNS);
  • In case of a non-regulated profession, must show a document proving high professional qualification in the activity or sector specified in the work contract or promissory contract of work contract;
  • In case of a regulated profession indicated in the work contract or promissory DE work contract, exhibits the document proving professional certification, when applicable.
No, not all. Cannot benefit from the «EU blue card» the nationals of third states that:
  • Are authorized to live in a state member, under the temporary protection, have requested residence permit for that reason or are awaiting for a decision about their status, as well as the beneficiaries of  protection granted under the Law no.  27/2008, of 30th June, or that have requested that protection and are awaiting for a final decision about their status; 
  • Are family of citizens of the European Union in accordance to the Law no. 37/2006, of 9th of August;
  • Have requested or are holders of s residence permit to perform an investigation activity in the terms of no. 1 of the article 90;
  • Benefit from the status of long term resident in another member state of the EU;
  • Remain in Portugal for temporary reasons to perform retail activities related to investment such as seasonal workers or detached in the scope of a service rendering.
  • By dint of an agreement celebrated between the European Union and the third state of nationality, benefit from rights regarding free circulation equivalent to those of the citizens of the European Union;
  • Have their expulsion suspended by reasons of fact or law.
  • The request of a «EU blue card» must be submitted by the national of a third state or by his/ her employers. 
  • To submit the request, the applicant must go to the direction or regional branch of Foreigners and Borders Services (SEF) of his/ her area of residence.
  • In a deadline not higher than 60 days, the applicant will be notified, in written, about the
  • Which are the rights of the holders of the «EU blue card»?
  • The holders of a «EU blue card» benefit from treatment equal to the nationals with regards to:
  • To work conditions, including salary and dismissal as well as the requisites of health and safety at work; 
  • Freedom of association filiation and adherence to a representative organization of workers or employers or any organization whose member are dedicated to a certain occupation, including proportional advantages for that type of organization without prejudice of the national provisions regarding public order and security;
  • Study and professional training in the terms of the defined requirements of the applicable legislation; 
  • Recognition of diplomats, certified or other professional qualification in accordance to the applicable legislation;
  • To the applicable provisions related to social security; 
  • Payments to the rights of legal pension for oldness, acquired based on the income and applicable fee; 
  • Access to goods and services and supply of goods and services to the public, including the obtainment of house as well as information and advice given by the employment services;
  • Free access to all the national territory.
During the first two years of local employment in the national territory, the access of the holder of the «EU blue card» to the work market is limited to the performance of paid activities that fulfil the conditions previously mentioned. 
All changes that affect the condition of concession must be communicate, in written, previously to SEF.
Yes. You may be dismissed from showing the valid visa of residence whenever holder of the right of valid residence in the national territory. 
The «EU blue card» may be dismisses in the following situations:
  • When the employer entity was penalized for the use of illegal activity of foreigner workers over the last five years; 
  • For reasons of public order, public security or public health.
The cases of cancellation are competence of the member of the Government responsible for the area of internal administration, with the ability of delegate to the national director of SEF. In all the remaining cases, the national director of SEF has the ability to delegate.