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It is common knowledge that the sun brings happiness. The approximately 300 days of sunshine that inundate Portugal every year help explain the country's success as a tourist destination. For an extended stay there are stronger purposes, such as the search for better living conditions and work. The quality of leisure time turns out, however and increasingly, a factor taken into account.
Paradisiacal beaches, inviting terraces and a natural heritage rich are just some of the charms that Portugal has to offer.
The seven natural wonders of Portugal, were recently elected, namely: the Laurissilva Forest on the island of Madeira, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, the Caves of Mira de Aire, the Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Portinho da Arrábida, the Formosa River and the Volcanic Landscape of Pico. It is worth admiring them and still discover many others.
Friendly, attentive, laid-back, creative, and welcoming: this is how the Portuguese are seen by foreigners living in the country.
The population in Portugal is of 10,562,178, including about 401,000 immigrants. This corresponds to 3.8% of the population, largely at working age and contributing to the increase of the country's birth rate. The profile of immigrants has been changing in recent years with the increase in students coming.
On the other hand, there was an increase in the number of descendants of immigrants born in Portugal who have acquired Portuguese nationality. This condition was only possible thanks to changes in the Nationality Law, carried out in 2006, which facilitated access to national citizenship. The Portuguese legal framework is now recognized internationally as an example in the integration of immigrants.
Portugal sees migration as part of an economic recovery and growth strategy. Through talent management and encouraging mobility, the country strengthens and promotes the contribution of migrants, in order to make Portugal a more competitive and tolerant country.


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