What are the rights and duties of immigrant associations?

The Law 115/99 of August 3, regulated by Decree-Law 75/2000 of 9 May, establishes the constitution framework, the rights and duties of associations representing immigrants and their descendants, which can only be exercised by associations whose representativeness is recognized by ACM, PI - High Commission for Migration, formerly designated ACIDI.
Immigrant associations are associations formed under the general law, with legal personality, non-profit, national, regional or local level, and include in their statutes, in order to protect the rights and interests of immigrants, as well as their descendants living in Portugal, aiming:
a) To defend and promote the rights and interests of immigrants and their descendants in all matters concerning to recovery, to enable their full integration and inclusion;
b) Develop actions to support, immigrants and their descendants, who aim to improve their living conditions;
c) To promote and stimulate own abilities, cultural and social aspects of immigrant communities, or their offspring, as fundamental elements of society in which they operate;
d) To propose actions needed to prevent or halt acts or omissions by public or private entities that constitute racial discrimination;
e) establish exchanges with foreign counterparts or associations to promote common stock of information or training.
It is considered similar to the immigrant associations, unions and associations established by them.
Immigrant associations are independent of the state and political parties and have the right to freely establish, approve and modify its statutes, elect their governing bodies, to approve the plans and activities of managing your assets.
The granting of any kind of support, by the state, immigrant associations, cannot condition their autonomy and independence.
The rights of immigrant associations are defined in Article 4 of Law No. 115/99, of 03 August, and can only be exercised by associations whose representativeness is recognized by ACM, PI - High Commission for Migration, old ACIDI.
Immigrant associations hold the following rights:
a) Participating in the definition of immigration policy;
b) Participating in the legislative proceedings on immigration;
c) Participating in advisory bodies, in accordance with law;
d) Receiving broadcast time on public radio and television, through the respective representative associations nationwide;
e) To enjoy all rights and privileges granted by law to legal persons of public utility;
f) To benefit from exemption from costs and legal preparations and stamp duty;
g) Requesting and obtain from the competent authorities, the information and documentation they need to follow the definition and implementation of immigration policies;
h) To intervene with the public authorities to defend the rights of immigrants;
i) To participate, with local authorities, the definition and implementation of local policies entitled thereto immigrants;
j) Receiving technical and financial support from the state, under this law.

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